Visual Design for the »Deutsche Musikautorenpreis«


The Deutsche Musikautorenpreis is annually awarded by the GEMA. The award is one of the most important prizes in the music industry. Every year, composers and lyricists are honoured for their outstanding work at a gala event. As part of the 12. Musikautorenpreis, I was asked to revise the corporate design.

In addition to the revision of the logo, print media and event materials, the website was also to be adapted in terms of restructuring the content and design.



A visual appearance was to be created, which could be reinterpreted in parts every year. The recognition value was to be retained.

All in all, there was a desire to make the entire appearance more self-confident, modern and contemporary. There were limitations especially with regarding the logo, which was to be retained in its basic features.






User Interface Design
Corporate Design

In Collaboration with

Judith Borgmann


The approach

In order to meet the request of the annual reinterpretation, we defined static and flexible design elements.

As static elements we defined the logo and tyopgraphy as well as their use. The logo was revised in such a way that it can be used very flexibly in the future, but still retains recognition. 

As a basis for the flexible design element, we defined an annually changing motto for the award: Each year an attribute of music should serve as the basis. For the »12. Deutsche Musikautorenpreis« this was »Music is diversity«.

Hier steht ein Text

We translated the idea of diversity into different colour gradients. This idea was implemented in the print communication by the use of a metallic hot foil, which shimmers in different colour nuances depending on the incidence of light.

For the online presence and as a stage show element, we defined different colour gradients, each assigned to one award category.

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The challenge for the website was also to build it with static and flexible elements. The flexible elements adaptable to the annually changing visuals, matching the motto.

Overall the visual redesign of the website followed the desire to look more modern and younger. We also advised on how more editorial content could be displayed on the site in addition to the days surrounding the awards ceremony.